Exclusive maxillofacial surgery with 3D implantation

Ararat TV's reference to the exceptional maxillofacial surgery performed using the latest technologies at the Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan.
As a result of the surgery, it was possible to restore the lower and lateral walls of the eyeball (orbital complex), the anterior wall of the Haymorian bay, as well as the cheekbone protrusions with 97% accuracy.

“Hayk Tadevosyan is one of the participants of the 44-day Artsakh war. Upon hearing the news of the war, on September 28, 2020, he left to participate in military exercises, and then to the battlefield.

On October 4, during the bombardment of the House of Culture in Shushi, Hayk received a shrapnel injury in the right half of his face. After receiving first aid on the spot, he moved to Yerevan and underwent several operations. First, with a customized version of the titanium implant were performed a reconstruction of the eyeball (orbital complex), after which ophthalmic and microsurgical interventions.

Sometime after the surgery, Hayk began to have the following complaints: pain in the right half of the face, hypersensitivity, discomfort in the area of the metal implant, and restriction of mouth opening...

In Hayk's words: he often had pains in the mouth area, even when touching his face he felt the implant under the skin. He claims that the previous operations didn՛t give the expected result.

"The titanium had come out, there were millimeters left for my skin to pierce and the titanium mesh to come out. I approached our "professors", and they said that this operation is ideal for me, they cannot do more than this. They cut it, folded it, closed it again, but I continued to feel that my pain was still there."
Hayk Tadevosyan - Patient

On February 6, Hayk decided to go to the Russian Federation in order to be examined again, but a few days before his departure, hearing about the company Hybrid Technologies, he decided to apply to them.

"The complications of the work with Hayk consisted of the fact that he already had an implant with an iron structure. We decided, complicating the work, to go in a more positive way for the patient and fixed the part with a three-piece implant. In other words, we modeled it in such a way that by sticking the three parts to the main part of the skull, it would also fix the fragment of the cheekbone."
Bagrat Baghdasaryan - bioengineer of Hybrid technologies company

Specialists of the center offer Hayk the option of installing a titanium implant of the latest model made with the latest 3D technologies.

The surgery was performed by Maxillofacial surgeon Norayr Mikayelyan, head of the Maxillofacial Surgery department of the Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan. In Hayk's words, he was the only doctor who agreed to perform such a complicated operation.

 "We planned and 3D-grown the skull before the operation. We installed the 3D individual implants we planned and grew, we saw that it sits in the right place, and the contact surfaces are correct, then we just planned Hayk's surgery. The lower wall of the eyeball is collected, the lateral wall is assembled, տհե cheekbone protrusions have been restored, the anterior wall of Haymorian bay has been restored in the same way as on the other side of the face. In short, with individual implants was carried out a complete reconstruction of one-half of the face"

Norayr Mikayelyan - Maxillofacial surgeon, head of the maxillofacial surgery department of the Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan.

As a result of an operation lasting about 9 hours, the 1 implant already installed was replaced with 3 separate high-quality titanium implants made with the latest 3D technologies, with which the integrity of the lower and lateral walls of the eyeball (orbital complex), the anterior wall of the Haymorian bay, the cheekbone protrusions, as well as the functional movement of the face are restored.

"At that time, I couldn't even speak for a long time, the whole right part was hurting and bothering me. And now I don't have any pain, I don't have any kind of feeling."
Hayk Tadevosyan - Patient

Article author:
Silva Varderesyan


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