A new level in Maxillofacial Surgery

Under the leadership of Maxillofacial Surgeon Norayr Mikayelyan In Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Avagyan medical center, with the use of the latest technologies, successfully carried out an unprecedented complexity and volume operation ↓↓↓

During the 44-day Artsakh war of 2020, the patient received shrapnel injuries to the right cheekbone and the bone of the orbital complex, after which a maxillofacial reconstruction was performed using a customized titanium plate, as well as ophthalmic and microsurgical interventions.

After the operations, the patient complained of pain and restricted opening of the mouth, the implant was felt under the skin and there was a possibility of skin perforation.

As a result of a 9-hour operation, the 1 implant already installed was replaced with 3 separate high-quality titanium implants made with the latest 3D technologies: Restored The integrity of the anterior wall of the Hymorian cavity, bone of the Orbital Complex, and cheekbone.

The operation was performed using innovative implants from Hybrid Technologies company.

Details and results soon.

Adhering to the mission of Avagyan MC, our doctors take on any challenge and do their best to help the patient enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.


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Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Service
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Anesthesiologist, Intensive Care Specialist