Ararat TV's reference to the exceptional maxillofacial surgery performed using the latest technologies at the Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan. As a result of the surgery it was possible to restore the lower and lateral walls of the eyeball, the anterior wall of the Haymorian bay, as well as the cheekbone protrusions with 97% accuracy.
Under the leadership of Maxillofacial Surgeon Norayr Mikayelyan In Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Avagyan medical center, with the use of the latest technologies, successfully carried out an unprecedented complexity and volume operation. As a result of a 9-hour operation, the 1 implant already installed was replaced with 3 separate high-quality titanium implants made with the latest 3D technologies: Restored The integrity of the anterior wall of the Hymorian cavity, bone of the Orbital Complex, and cheekbone.