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breakthrough research in the field of facial 3D reconstructive surgery with doctors from all over the world during the PARCS 2023 (Plastic, Aesthetics, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery) 7th international conference.

We are delighted to share the news that maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Norayr Mikayelyan, the head of the maxillofacial surgery department of the Medical Center after Vladimir Avagyan, and a medical expert at HYEBRYD Technologies company, has received an invitation to participate as a distinguished speaker in the prestigious conference to be held in Dubai, UAE, the 7th international conference PARCS2023 (Plastic, Aesthetics, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery). This initiative is a global platform that brings together medical specialists from all over the world in the fields of Plastic, Aesthetics, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery to explore the latest advancements in the field and to share with each other valuable experiences.